U.S. Grown Fresh Cut Flowers in Wayne NJ

We specialize in carrying only the finest quality Wayne NJ flowers. Our long-standing relationships with the best eco-friendly farmers in the U.S. means we receive the best of the best. When in season enjoy New Jersey grown peonies, hydrangeas, sunflowers, dahlias, and beach plums. In the off-season and when we need to fill a special order, we try to make sure any flowers we receive are grown sustainably and fair trade. 

We do not accept any shipment that is not of the highest quality. Having the most beautiful cut flowers and plants is very important to us. Every shipment is thoroughly checked to make sure it is a stunning shipment of flowers to keep in line with us being the best Wayne NJ florist.

Why Buy U.S. Grown Flowers?

Let’s face it, local is best. But with flowers, this goes way beyond our love of helping support our local flower farms. Most cut flowers on the market are imports from South America. South America is great and all, but the imported flowers are not karma positive, or even neutral. For years the South American flower industry has been a rough trade. Allowing exploitation of workers as well as the unregulated use of chemicals and pesticides. We don’t believe things known for beauty should come with such ugly notions.

U.S. flower farmers have it rough. In our experience, U.S. flower farms offer the best quality. We take great pride in sourcing as local as we can. Sometimes we do need to source a product outside of the U.S. for a special order. When we have to do this, we try and make sure that every product is fair trade whenever possible.

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