Echeveria Purpureum

We carry the finest Echeveria Purpureum. This beautiful rich green Echeveria creates an air of sophistication and depth to any arrangement. Perfect for NJ wedding flowers, event flowers or an everyday arrangement where you desire that one of a kind Echeveria look.


Echeveria Purpureum is perfect when you want to add the elegance of succulents to an arrangement. This is a stunning succulent. The Echeveria Purpureum is an impressive succulent of rich green and it makes such a statement of sophistication and depth. If you are looking for the statement succulent for a green-themed wedding color palette the Echeveria Purpureum is the best choice. We import our Echeveria from Holland when needed. When we can we source as much as we can from U.S. based family owned flower farms.

Echeveria is rightfully a very popular choice for NJ wedding flowers as well as wedding bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres where one is seeking the look only a beautiful succulent can give. Echeveria is also used for beautiful everyday arrangements, or even use a simple Echeveria in a pot for a minimal tropical look.

Our Echeveria arrives ready to use. We highly recommend you cut and hydrate them 2-3 days before using them in a bouquet or a stunning centerpiece. Echeveria typically lasts several weeks. Often longer is cared for properly. Echeveria responds to temperature. Store at room temperature to hydrate, then place is a cooler place for storage.

Family: Echeveria
Color: Green
Vase Lifespan: 1-2 weeks
Season: Year Round


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