Andre Citroen Tulips

We carry the finest Andre Citroen Tulips. These aren’t your grandma’s tulips. With tight compact bulbs of deep reds and vibrant oranges, this is such a lively and whimsical flower.


The Andre Citroen Tulip is a vibrant and stunning flower. Whimsy, beauty and bold color make this tulip a true statement. With its compact bulb shape and bold dark red to fiery orange colors, this flower is great for a lively and vibrant wedding color palette, event florals or just a beautiful everyday flower arrangement. Because of our obsession with high-quality flowers, our Tulips are mainly imported from Holland. Though when we can source them from high-quality U.S. growers we do.

Tulips are so popular for NJ wedding flowers and events for good reason. Tulips are a classic and elegant flower that works so well with many different arrangement styles and color palettes. Whether you are looking for classic wedding florals, event flower arrangements or a stunning arrangement.

Our Tulips arrives with the bloom closed. We recommend cutting and hydrating them 1-2 days before using them. Our Tulips generally has a lifespan of 4-7 days, but this can be even longer with the proper watering and care. They typically remain closed when kept in a cool environment, and bloom quickly when left at room temperature.

Family: Tulip
Color: Bicolor
Vase Lifespan: 4-7 Days
Season: Spring & Fall, Some in Winter


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