Amaryllis White Nymph

We carry the finest Amaryllis White Nymph in Wayne NJ. Whether for NJ wedding flowers or an everyday arrangement, nothing exudes luxury and elegance like the Amaryllis White Nymph. With its large broad double blooms, they explode with pure white beauty.


Amaryllis White Nymph is a large Amaryllis that makes a statement of elegance and luxury. This variety of Amaryllis has large soft broad flowers, and the bloom is so full and white with double blossoms. There is a sophistication with this shape of Amaryllis flower. Not your traditional Amaryllis, the Amaryllis White Nymph has a sophisticated white color that evokes purity and beauty. With such a gorgeous shape and impressive color, this is such a great choice for any elegant white styled arrangement. It is also great simply as a tropical flower to add a splash of colorful charm in the dreary winter months. They are very versatile and look beautiful long-stem or short-stemmed. Our Amaryllis come in a variety of sizes, although most tend to be in the 5-8 inch diameter range. Because of our obsession with high-quality flowers, our Amaryllis is mainly imported from Holland. Though when we can source them from high-quality U.S. growers we do.

Amaryllis White Nymph makes for impressive NJ wedding flowers, from a wedding centerpiece or bridal bouquet that is looking for a unique flower to fit in a sophisticated white color palette. They also make a stunningly beautiful choice for an elegant everyday flower arrangement. Adding the Amaryllis White Nymph is sure to make any flower arrangement be remembered.

Our Amaryllis arrives with the bloom closed. We recommend cutting and hydrating them 2-3 days before using them. Amaryllis generally has a lifespan of 5-10 days, but this can be even longer with the proper watering and care. They typically remain closed when kept in a cool environment, and bloom when left at room temperature.

Family: Amaryllis
Color: White
Vase Life: 5-10 Days
Season: Winter, sometimes Spring


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