Absurda Roses

High-Quality Absurda Roses are available at our Wayne NJ location. These roses are perfect for stunning floral arrangments, NJ wedding centerpieces, and NJ bridal bouquets.


Urban Flower Market features the highest quality Absurda Roses. This unique and stunning rose was named after a short film by Twin Peaks creator David Lynch. This variety is as captivating as his work.

Our Absurda Roses are available year round. They are a very versatile flower and have a place in traditional flower arrangements to bridal bouquets. Absurda roses are sourced from the best flowers farms in Ecuador and come 25 stems per bunch. We have a wide range of lengths to suit your floral needs.

Our Absurda Roses arrive with the bloom closed. We recommend to cut and hydrate them for 2-3 days before adding them to a bouquet or centerpiece. Our roses last between 5-10+ days if cared for properly. Roses respond to temperature and will remain closed when stored in a cool location and bloom at room temperature.

Family: Rose
Colors: Bi-Color; Pink
Vase Life: Long
Stem Length: 40-80cm
Scent: None


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